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Literary Genoa

An itinerary to discover the places of 19th century painters and writers

For the occasion of the great exhibition organized at Palazzo Ducale, "Mediterraneo. From Courbet to Monet and Matisse", GuideGenova offers the great chance to discover the old town through the eyes of those who experienced it as a great traveller. Witnesses of that Grand Tour which used to lead great artists to Italy.

After enjoying the masterpieces in Palazzo Ducale, the tour reaches some of the places loved by the great: Rousseau, Balzac, Dickens, Twain, Gogol and Nietzsche though an itinerary joining the fascination of a time gone by to the visit of some of the main monuments in the city: the catheral, the old harbour, Via Garibaldi with its gorgeous palaces, today World Heritage.

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