Genova-Chiesa di San Pietro in Banchi

Genova-Palazzo Ducale-Torre grmaldina

Genova-Palazzo Ducale


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Musical Genoa

A fascinating tour under the sign of great music *.

Discovering the historic centre of Genoa though the places where great musicians once lived or passed.

Starting from the Expò area we reach Piazza Banchi, site of a famous murder, that of the famous Stradella, assasinated for an affair of the heart.

Then onwards to Campetto, where we find an historic café, Klainguti. Here Giuseppe Verdi loved to have his café.

Again on to reach the cathedral and the Grimaldina tower, historic jail of the city which hosted one of the most famous Genoeses, Nicolò Paganini.

We preoceed to admire the Ducal palace and reach the opera theatre Carlo Felice**. It is possible to visit its concert hall.

Close by is the 19th century Galleria Mazzini, where artists and intellectuals used to meet till the early 20th century.

The visits goes on to Via Garibaldi, one of the most monumental in the city, beloved by many musicians, among them was Wagner.

The tour could end with an optional visit to Palazzo Tursi***, where Paganini's violin is still preserved.

* Duration: 3 hrs

** optional visit of 1 hr, entrance fee applies

*** optional visit of 20 min, entrance fee applies

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